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Spray Tanning and the 6 Major Skin Types

As a spray tanning professional, you have to deal with all skin types. Generally in picking out a type of spray solution to use, the skin color of the person you will be servicing is the basic clue.

Here is a list of the major skin types and the New Gorgeous products you should in most cases use:

1. Very light-skinned northern European – NG Slightly Sunkissed

People with this type of skin usually have freckles and light or reddish hair. Their skin is sensitive to the sun and prone to burning rather than bronzing when exposed to even moderate amounts of UV radiation.

2. Light-skinned European – NG Slightly Sunkissed or NG Caribbean Cocktail

Unlike those with very light skin, people with this skin type will tan more readily. They also have fewer freckles and hair color that can range from blonde to light brown to red.

3. Medium-skinned European – NG Caribbean Cocktail or NG Brazilian Blend

People with this skin type typically–but not always–have dark hair and brown eyes and don’t burn as easily as lighter-skinned people.

4. Mediterranean – NG Brazilian Blend or NG BB1

Those with this skin type will respond to UV exposure by producing a very dark tan. Most will have dark brown hair and dark eyes.

5. Dark-skinned – NG BB1 or NG Competition Formula

People with this skin type are usually already dark that can darken even further when exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. They usually come from such diverse regions as the Mediterranean, North and sub-Saharan Africa, India and South America.

6. Very dark – NG Competition Formula

Individuals who have this skin type are the least likely to burn during moderate sun exposure. They can be found–or have origins in–parts of Africa, the Middle East and even India.

Our products are made from the finest pharmaceutical-grade products on the market and are certified cruelty-free. When you’re looking for quality tanning solutions, think New Gorgeous. We’re the brand that celebrities and top models around the world trust to make them look the best that they can be.

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