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Sunless Tanning Better than UV Tanning Beds

Everyone knows that tanning beds are as harmful as the sun since they also expose tanners to UV radiation. Still, salon owners continue to use them because the demand continues to exist. Other safe and natural ways—such as airbrush tanning—are also available to achieve a beautiful golden glow. So why are so many people willing to put their health on the line?

According to a 2006 study by researchers at Wake Forest University, the answer may lie in the effect UV rays have on the production of endorphins. These chemicals, which are released from the brain, produce a euphoric feeling in the body. They also act as a natural morphine that reduces the sensation of pain.

Scientists followed eight people who used tanning beds between eight to 15 times a month and eight people who used them less than 12 times a year. They gave the men and women involved in the study a drug to block natural endorphin production and instructed participants to tan in UV and non-UV tanning beds.

The people who tanned frequently were more apt to use UV ray-based beds than those who tanned less often. Interestingly, the frequent tanners began to develop symptoms similar to narcotics withdrawal when using non-UV beds. The less frequent tanners, by contrast, experienced no such symptoms at all.

Addictions are hard to break, even if they happen to be bad for your health. But it’s possible, especially when addicts can see for themselves that better options really do exist. That’s why we at New Gorgeous believe in educating our clients about our products so that they can in turn educate consumers about a better way to get bronzed.

Our sunless tanning products contain DHA and actually help dry, damaged skin to rejuvenate. And they come in a variety of popular colors to suit every skin type including difficult-to-tan fair skin. Contact us today and be a part of the sunless solution revolution that’s redefining what it means look–and feel–good.

Call New Gorgeous at 888-536-8267 for free information about how to use sunless tanning products for your success!

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