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Welcome to New Gorgeous, your headquarters for sunless tanning products, equipment and services. We are dedicated professionals with more than 18 years of experience. We understand tanning like no one else.


Spray Tanning Solutions

New Gorgeous features a wide variety of sunless tanning solutions to accommodate any skin type. Below is a list of our custom airbrush tanning solution blends from lightest to darkest:

Slightly Sunkissed — Level 1
Carribean Cocktail — Level 2
Brazilian Blend — Level 3
BB1 — Level 4
Competition Formula — Level 5
Expresso Ultra Dark — Level 6

When you purchase from our online store, you are buying merchandise that has been thoroughly tested in our flagship salons and is of the highest quality. Take our NG line of tanning products, for example. These are specially formulated from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to accommodate all skin types.

Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If you are looking to create customized blends for your salon, we have the know-how to help you design sunless tanning products to suit your unique needs.



Cosmetic Manufacturing—Our Private Labeling Option

If you operate a tanning salon, we make it easy for you to use any of our popular New Gorgeous products under your own private label. After you’ve determined what you need from us, we draw up a licensing agreement with you. We then send the products you need in unmarked packaging that you can in turn label as you wish. Keeping the secret to your success a secret is just that simple.

Our special formulations create a unique tanning experience for you and your clients. With so many choices out there a simple approach works best, and that is why we have removed the guesswork and created blends for each specific skin type. We feel that everyone’s skin requires special customization and blending, not “Just A Number.”

That is why we created New Gorgeous.

Today, airbrush tanning and spray tanning businesses using our systems and products are exploding all over the world with tremendous growth. There are many reasons behind NG’s success—comprehensive one-on-one training, exclusive anti-aging product line and the best equipment and techniques available. Your success in your airbrush tanning and spray tanning business starts here.

View our online store to find out what New Gorgeous can do for you.

PETA approved sunless tanning products
Vegan sunless products
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