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Martha Friedlander

Makeup Artist, Victoria’s Secret

New Gorgeous tanning solutions are very reliable products: that’s why I keep using them. And the models I work with at Victoria’s Secret are also very pleased with the results. I’ve tested other products and New Gorgeous products stand out for the tonality they produce and the colors, specifically the range of colors. That’s great for me because I can do so many more color varieties with one product.


I love the after effect of the product and also that it’s quick-drying. And that helps me a lot because if I’m doing something with a model, it makes it a lot easier to just apply and let her dry. And because the drying time is so little, it’s an enormous plus because then I can move onto the next step. This was actually one of the best things for me.


New Gorgeous tanning solutions are not sticky. This means that in 15 minutes, the girls can be working and doing their modeling. And I love that New Gorgeous has a soft fragrance. So it’s less of a burden when you’re spraying in a closed environment.


I always carry the full range of New Gorgeous colors. I primarily use a lot of the Brazilian Blend, which is my favorite. But also, I have girls who are way too pale for that color. So I do use a blend. Sometimes I use the one that’s for redheaded complexions: and then I mix a little bit of the Brazilian Blend, so that I can pull towards that warm color.


But, yes, I use them all. I use them straight out of the bottle. And I just love the fact that I can mix-and-match them. That is a big plus for me. I can adjust to any skin. I love, love, LOVE the fact that it’s so quick-drying! In fact, some of the models from the Victoria’s Secret fashion show were sprayed with New Gorgeous.

Giovanni Dichiaria

Owner, Coco Tan Dallas, Texas

We’ve been in business for four years and we do a lot of airbrush tanning and we’ve researched a lot of products. We’ve gone to numerous tradeshows, but it wasn’t until we found the New Gorgeous products and started using them that we’ve never had to look back!


New Gorgeous is the only product that we’ll use in our store. It’s just amazing—it goes on dry, the color is fantastic and the service we get from Airbrush Solution is impeccable! They have come to Dallas twice to do special trainings for our store. They just go above and beyond for customer service.

If you go on our website, you’ll see all the testimonials we get. People talk not only about our service, but also about the product and how great they feel and look because of it. In fact, we won first place for best tanning in Dallas in 2010 (WFAA TV Channel 8 sponsored the contest). And we are in the running again for 2011—in fact we’re in first place right now and voting ends in 20 more days!


We have 71 reviews online, and a lot of them will talk about the product. Overall, we have a five-star rating…We have a lot of repeat and referral clients who are spread out over a radius of 100 miles. People are coming from all over—Plano, Fort Worth—all different cities. I really don’t think that we would be where we are now without New Gorgeous. The solution is the best out there. There are just so many products that we’ve tried, and this is the best one.


David King

David King Fitness


My name is David King. I’m with David King Fitness in Austin, Texas. I do in home personal training. I come over to get spray tanning done. Sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month, sometimes for fitness competitions.


I’m a big fan, especially these days, of getting a product that’s all it’s cracked up to be. I mean with all the letdowns and all the hype and all the marketing, to actually get something that, after I get through, I look in a mirror and you know what, dang, that is amazing. Super happy that I did it. New Gorgeous works man, it works for me, it’s just awesome. Brings out that natural glow.



Hi, my name is Sabrina and I teach and coach athletes and dancers and I love New Gorgeous Sunless Products and I recommend them to all my friends and students. What I love about it is that it’s so natural and not sticky so that the mature woman doesn’t look like she went and got a spray tan and feel ridiculous, but it really has a sense of sophistication. Yet my younger students who want the darker tropical glow, they can get that from it too, so it works for everyone.


For my athletes, their muscles show more and once they try it, they don’t stop, they just coming back again and again and again. And with my ballroom dancers it’s a necessity in those costumes to have that tan everywhere that you can really only get from the New Gorgeous products.

I highly recommend that you give it a try.

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