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5 Tips for How to Remove a Spray Tan

Sometimes, a client will need to remove a tan before it naturally fades. Because a spray tan only affects the upper layer of skin, this should not be too difficult although it may take some time. Several methods exist to assist in this process and some will be more effective than others for different individuals.

Bath, body scrub and lemon juice

The first thing to try is soaking in a warm soapy bath for about 20 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, a client should use a body scrub (like our Sea Salt Scrub or Mini Shower Exfoliator) and a bath mitt on those body parts from which he or she wants to remove the tan. If this doesn’t work, then the client should dry off and apply lemon juice to the tanned areas, let dry then rinse off with water.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is most typically used as a disinfectant or as a hair lightener. But many people find that it can also help remove a spray tan. Clients should rub some hydrogen peroxide over the areas they wish to fade and then leave it on for a few minutes. Afterwards, they can take a dry cloth and pat the solution off.

Baby oil and baking soda

Some individuals find that applying baby oil, letting it soak into the topmost layer of the skin and then scrubbing the treated areas with a bath mitt can also do the trick. An alternate method includes mixing baby oil and baking soda into a paste, applying the paste to the skin and then scrubbing.

Time and patience

It’s entirely possible that none of these methods will work to a client’s satisfaction. Should this occur, then the best advice you can give is to wait it out and exfoliate on a daily basis until the tan is gone.

The experts at New Gorgeous understand that as an airbrush tanning professional, you’ll sometimes be faced with situations that aren’t textbook. That’s why we pride ourselves on taking the time to educate our sunless tanning solution clients about the best way to use–or in this case, remove–spray tan products. When you have questions, we have answers: contact us today!

Call New Gorgeous at 888-536-8267 or shop and use our spray tanning products for your success!

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