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The sunless tanning industry is experiencing explosive growth. Nevertheless, too many people are still opting to get their tans the old-fashioned (and dangerous) way, that is through exposure to UV radiation either through indoor or outdoor tanning. So how is it possible to help consumers understand the damage they are causing to their skins?

The answer may lie in skin cancer prevention intervention programs. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts medical school, Worcester, gathered together 250 women who reported that they regularly sunbathed at the beach to participate in exactly such a program.

Scientists divided the participants into two groups of 125 each. The first group received information about skin cancer and sunless tanning. They also had a UV filter photograph taken that revealed skin damage not visible to the naked eye. The second group received free cosmetic samples unrelated to skin health and were told they would be contacted for follow-up.

Two months later, participants who had received the intervention reported that they sunbathed less frequently, had fewer sunburns and used more protective clothing than those in the control group. After one year, researchers found that those who had received intervention still sunbathed less and also used sunless tanning products more frequently than the members of the group that only received cosmetic samples.

Scientists concluded that promoting sunless tanning in context of a skin cancer prevention public health message may be helpful to maintaining healthy skin among those who enjoy sunbathing. What this means for sunless tanning professionals like you is that offering clients details about UV radiation risks (through, for example, brochures or mini-seminars) along with information about sunless tanning products is not only a public service, but also a great marketing tool for your business.

At New Gorgeous, we believe in the power of education. That’s why we make it our business to inform our clients about our products and their many benefits. Our line of sunless tanning productsare among the best you’ll find anywhere, not only in terms of purity and quality, but also in terms of effectiveness. When you’re ready to help your clients move toward a sun-savvier lifestyle and take your business to the next level of success, contact us!

Call New Gorgeous at 888-536-8267 for free information about how to use sunless tanning products for your success!

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