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Tips of Spray Tanning Face

Spray tanning faces can seem a daunting task, especially if you are new to the airbrush tanning business. And that’s because a face is what a client will always show no matter the season. So it’s got to be done right.

It’s therefore vital to offer good pre-facial tan information to tanners. After all, successful airbrush work is a cooperative venture. You bring the skills and airbrush expertise, and your clients bring skin that’s been properly prepared for bronzing. The following are some tips you can offer to help tanners achieve the radiant glow they desire.

1. Exfoliate facial skin Clients should do this before they come in. Buffing away dead skin cells sitting on top of the skin allows spray tan solutions to sink deep into the pores and create an even layer of color. They should also remember not to wear any makeup. New Gorgeous’s Sea Salt Scrub is excellent for this. It is an anti-aging moisturizing exfoliant which contains pure avocado, sesame and sweet almond oils along with sea salts to gently exfoliate dead skin. Another great choice is New Gorgeous’s Mini Shower Exfoliator.

2. Be airbrush prepared A spray tanning session is typically over within a matter of minutes. You should still tell your clients – and especially those who are new to the airbrush experience– that when you will work on their face, they will need to:

  • wear an airbrush tanning cap to cover their hair

  • close their eyes and hold their breath for a few moments

  • keep very still

3. Take care with the cleansing Clients should avoid washing their faces for at least 6 hours after a spray tan session. After that time, they can use mild cleansers, always taking care to pat (rather than rub) their skin dry. They should avoid using anything too harsh, such as acne washes or anything that has alcohol in it.

For touch ups, you can recommend they use our Brazilian Mist, which produces a non-pore-clogging mist that keeps faces looking gloriously bronzed. Like all New Gorgeous products, it’s made from the finest natural ingredients, including aloe vera, wheat amino acids, white and green tea extracts.

At New Gorgeous, we are dedicated to making the best spray tan products you’ll find on the market. We are also dedicated to your success and are proud to offer airbrush training sessions to improve or perfect the skills that are the foundation of build business success. When you are ready to show your best face to the world, contact us!

Call New Gorgeous at 888-536-8267 for more information about our great sunless tanning products!

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