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Spray Tanning Smell

Airbrush tans make skin look radiant and our New Gorgeous sunless tanning solutions have a light, clean scent. But you may get clients who have either had bad experiences in the past with other products or who have an especially sensitive sense of smell.

Unfortunately, some other solutions used to achieve that sunless tan will leave a sunless tanning smell behind that some clients may not like. This smell, depending on an individual’s particular body chemistry–ranges from slightly sour to mild and inoffensive and is a result of the chemical reaction that causes skin to darken.

If a person has had difficulty in the past or is concerned with scent, you can offer the following solutions:

  • smell the various solutions that you have on hand to decide which scent is the mildest (and which will therefore be the easiest to eliminate).

  • wait 6 to 8 or so hours after a spray tan session to ensure the tan has set in the skin and then wash themselves with a soap or shower gel that has a scent they like. They may need to try several soaps to discover which one works best.

  • moisturize with a non-oil-based lotion that has a scent they can like. Again, they may need to experiment with a few moisturizers to see if there is one in particular that helps cover any residual spray tan smell.

At New Gorgeous, we are dedicated to making superior quality products for tanning salon owners and their clients. Not only do we use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, we also strive to create tanning solutions that work in harmony with all senses of the body. When only the very best will do, contact us!

Call New Gorgeous today at 888-536-8267 for information about starting a profitable spray tanning business.

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