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Spray Tan Training

New Gorgeous does sunless tanning like nobody else. You’ll find that’s especially true when you decide to get your spray tan certification from us or enroll in our Silver, Gold or Platinum Package business training programs. We offer the best possible experience you’ll find anywhere, bar none.

Regardless of whether you choose certification or business training, our staff of New Gorgeous Training Institute (NGTI) spray tan professionals will make sure you get exactly what you need. And that’s because we carefully tailor each of our programs to fit your goals.

At NGTI, we believe that one size does not fit all. Your success starts with us listening to what you want to accomplish. So mobile technicians and salon-based ones receive information and training specific to their aims, as do our business trainees.

If you decide to make arrangements to come to our offices in Austin, Texas, we will personally pick you up at the airport or from your hotel and escort you to our flagship salon. There, our experts will train you in a professional environment that’s designed to teach as well as inspire.

Not only will you get to perfect your own spray tan skills and master the tips and tricks that will make you stand out as an airbrush tanning professional. You’ll also see our experts work on actual clients and get to observe how a successful salon is run.

Of course, we recommend that you come to the New Gorgeous offices in Austin, a city that Travel and has called one of Americas’ favorite destination getaways. Nothing beats the hands-on experience you can get when you work with NGTI experts in person. But if you can’t, we can always arrange for your training to take place via videophone on Skype, at times that suit your schedule.

NG is a company dedicated to excellence. We sell only the finest products and equipment and offer training that shows you how to do everything, from spray tanning to running your own business. Let us help you achieve that golden future you’ve always wanted – contact us today!

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