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Mayo Clinic Recommends Sunless Tanning Over Sunbathing

A medical and health organization no less than the reputable Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn, wholeheartedly recommends sunless tanning as a safe alternative to sunbathing.

On their website, the Mayo Clinic staff have penned a short article extolling the virtues of sunless tanning. They explain the benefits of going sunless even to the point of suggesting “professional spray-on tanning also is available at many salons, spas and tanning businesses.”

They point out that sunless tanning products that are applied to the skin are “generally considered safe alternatives” as long they are used correctly. It is also mentioned that the FDA has approved DHA, the active ingredient in sunless tanning products like New Gorgeous’s line of DHA paraben free solutions. It is cautioned however that clients take care to avoid inhaling the product and ensure careful application around the eyes, mouth and nose.

The Mayo Clinic does not recommend sunless tanning pills as many of those products contain canthaxanthin are unsafe. There are a variety of unwanted and unsafe side effects that can come with their use.

At New Gorgeous, you only get the best. We have been formulating sunless tanning products for 18 years to give you and your clients the best possible results that are 100% safe, natural and cruelty-free. Whether it is sunless tanning solutions, airbrush tanning equipment and certification, you can count on New Gorgeous. Call us today for information and how we can help you and your salon expand!

Call New Gorgeous at 888-536-8267 for free information about how to use sunless tanning products for your success!

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