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Improve your spray tanning business NOW

Tans make everybody look and feel great. But if they are the products of UV radiation, then they could lead to premature aging of the skin and worse, skin cancer. That’s why when you are marketing your airbrush tanning business, it’s important to focus on the health and self-esteem benefits your service offers.

Here are some ways you can develop a winning marketing strategy to help your tanning business grow:

1. Emphasize health issues

Your brochures, posters and flyers should all in corporate information about the benefits of spray tanning over sunbathing and UV-tanning beds. Let your clients know that the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) both recommend spray tanning and that 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year in the United States, 95% of which can be linked to overexposure to natural or artificial UV-radiation.

2. Talk up time savings

Getting a spray tan is quick and easy. The actual process takes only a few minutes and drying happens almost instantly, which means a client can be on his or her way shortly thereafter. This is an especially good point if you are targeting clients who live in big cities and you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

3. Think about the season

During the spring, advertise your business as a place to prepare for the skin-baring fashions of summer. During the summer, highlight spray tanning as the safer alternative to sunbathing. When fall and winter arrive, emphasize how airbrush tans can help clients look beach-fresh despite inclement weather and colder temperatures.

4. Target tan-friendly communities

Send postcards, flyers and/or coupons to places like yoga studios, gyms, and hair and nail salons.

New Gorgeous is a company that believes that our greatest success comes from helping our clients achieve business excellence. We not only offer some of the finest spray tan products available on the market, but also spray tan training and certification courses. Let us show you the way to a more golden bottom line. Contact us today!

Call New Gorgeous today at 888-536-8267 for information about starting a profitable spray tanning business.

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