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How to fix uneven tans.

Sometimes a client will come to you with a partial tan they got while enjoying an outdoor activity like golfing or hiking. Or that person may have gotten burned, either while trying to sunbathe or get bronzed in a tanning bed.

In cases like these, and especially if you are dealing with someone who’s been sunburned, it’s actually best to schedule a spray tan later rather than sooner. That’s because airbrush tanning works best when skin is healthy and been properly prepared to receive a professional bronzing.

In the meantime, you can help your client get ready for a successful spray tan session by suggesting he or she follow these simple guidelines.


Clients can help the natural process of skin renewal by using a mild exfoliator like our Sea Salt Scrubonce a day for one or two weeks. This will remove all the dead and damaged skin cells and allow new ones to develop. It will speed healing if peeling is a problem and help fade any unwanted tan lines.


The other important thing clients should do is to apply moisturizer with aloe vera twice a day, once after showering or bathing and again before going to bed, all over the body. The moisturizer will hydrate skin while the aloe will soothe it and minimize the appearance of redness. For clients who want to camouflage tan lines, you can recommend they use our aloe-rich Brazilian Mist, which can help mask unattractive imperfections while skin evens out.

At New Gorgeous, we believe that health and beauty go hand in hand. That’s why everything we make and sell uses only the finest pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients. For tanning solutions and skin care products that more top-notch spray tan professionals around the world trust, contact us!

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