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Get rid of tan lines

Your application technique is as flawless as the glow that radiates from your clients’ newly spray tanned skin. But if the people you service choose to wear bikinis or speedos, their bronzed look will also include tan lines.

Some clients may not mind those bathing suit lines because they can make tans appear more “natural.” But others may decide afterwards that they want an all-over look. Short of suggesting that they return to your salon for another spray tan session, here is what you can advise those clients with “tan line regret” to do:

Cover those hands and get the baby oil

Make sure skin is clean and dry. Then put on a pair of rubber or latex gloves to protect spray tanned hands and moisten a ball of cotton with baby oil.

Rub and blend

Dab the cotton ball over a small section of the tan line. Allow the oil to remain on skin for 30 seconds then gently rub oily side of cotton ball over the section for a minute or so. As the tan line begins to blend in, wipe away excess baby oil. Continue this process along the tan line until it “disappears.”

Touch up Brazilian style

Wash the baby oil from the skin to prevent it from stripping the tan. Once the skin is dry again, even out treated areas with a touch-up spray like New Gorgeous Brazilian Mist.

A five-star spray tan, even one with bathing suit lines, starts with five-star products. Everything in the NG line is 100% natural and made with only the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients. If you’re looking for superb results that will keep your clients coming back for more, contact us!

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