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Flawless Spray tanning

Achieving a flawless airbrush tan for clients not only takes skill, it also requires paying attention to details that can easily get overlooked during a spray tan session.

1. Watch that hair

If your clients have hair that can fall into their faces, they should use bobby pins to hold back all loose strands. Users with hair long enough to tie back should put their hair into a ponytail or bun and secure flyaway strands with clips. Doing so will allow you to spray tan their ears and neck evenly and avoid causing unattractive white marks on the body.

2. Use under-eye cream

Even application of spray tan solution over the face does not guarantee good results. The reason? Some clients have dark areas under the eyes and spray tanning will only emphasize them. Dabbing some under-eye cream in appropriate areas just before the actual spray tan will make the tan look lighter beneath the eyes and give your clients a much younger appearance.

3. Don’t overdo the color

Unless clients explicitly request it, you should aim for a tan that looks as natural as possible. Going one, possibly two shades darker than clients’ natural skin tone is best. Anything deeper can look overly artificial, especially on the face.

4. Remember the “odd parts”

Hands, feet elbows and knees are typically drier than other parts of the body. As a result, they will absorb more solution and tend to look darker after a spray tan. The way to avoid this is to have clients rub a small amount of moisturizer on both areas. This will block some of the absorption and result in a lighter, but far more natural looking tan.

Of course an airbrush tan is only as good as the products that make it. All-natural New Gorgeous solutions are vegan-certified, which means they’re as gentle on as they are healthy for all skin types. See why New Gorgeous is the choice of more tanning salons around the world: contact us today!

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