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Spray Tanning will make you look and feel good

Fashion magazines ritually encourage women to moisturize their skin to make it look younger and therefore, more attractive. Don’t be surprised, however, if magazines directed at men start doing the same thing. According to the Washington Sun, a new study sponsored by Proctor & Gamble finds that “like women, men are also judged as youthful and attractive based on their skin tone.”

Researchers at the University of Gottingen in Germany discovered that people see evenly pigmented skin as more youthful “while a smooth, rosy hue from hemoglobin, the component that makes blood red [suggests] health and attractiveness.” This is to say that people prefer evenly distributed melanin, the substance “that darkens the skin after a tan” and that is “produced in response to UV damage, causing age spots.”

Gottingen researchers “collected photographs of the faces of 160 freshly shaven British Caucasian men, aged 10 to 70.” They then “cropped out a small square of cheek skin and showed the photograph to 152 men and 156 women.” Researchers asked participants to rate 60 images of cheek skin for (1) apparent age and (2) “attractiveness and health on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being the most attractive or the healthiest.”

Scientists then “analyzed the colors of each cheek sample with a method called ‘chromophore mapping.’” This permitted them to see the extent to which melanin and hemoglobin contributed to the color of the cheek skin samples they had distributed to their participants. The results revealed that people not only preferred evenness in male skin, but that “men whose skin had a more even distribution of hemoglobin were judged as younger and more attractive.”

A number of factors—sun damage and aging chief among them—can negatively impact skin tone. One way to improve skin appearance is through spray tanning. New Gorgeous sunless tanning products are made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients that, when properly applied, help to minimize lines, wrinkles, sun and age spots. Your clients already want to look their best, so why not give them the products that match that desire?

And with New Gorgeous’s superlative spray-tanning training, you will be well on your way to a thriving business with happy customers.

Call New Gorgeous today at 888-536-8267 for information about starting a profitable spray tanning business.

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