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Spray Tanning Dry Skin

Dry skin is the bane of airbrush tans. No matter how skilled you are, any tan you give your client will more than likely fade and flake away long before it needs to.

You can avoid needless disappointment by doing a pre-session evaluation. If the person has dry skin, then recommend that he or she spend some time, anywhere from a few days to a week, preparing. The longer the client takes to revitalize skin, the better the outcome.

For best results, a client should:

  1. Moisturize from head to toe before bedtime

  2. Exfoliate two times or more before coming in

  3. Shave carefully the night before

  4. Shower the day of the appointment to remove moisturizer residue

If the person has eczema, you will need to be especially careful. This condition, which is characterized by rough, cracked, inflamed and/or scaly skin, signals especially sensitive skin.

Look for redness, scabs or open wounds. Should you see any of these things, refer your client to a dermatologist for treatment. Once the condition has resolved and the client has gotten a doctor’s OK, then you can proceed.

The client may tell you that he or she has had eczema in the past and that the condition is not active. To ensure client safety, test a small patch of skin in a formerly affected area to see whether your spray tan solution yields a reaction. If not, then you can schedule a session.

When you actually spray tan your dry-skinned client, a good rule of thumb is to go easy on hands, feet, elbows and knees. These areas can be problematic even on clients with good skin. Use a circular motion as you spray and apply a light coat.

New Gorgeous makes tanning solutions that are good for all skin types. We use the finest, all-natural ingredients to create products that are as gentle as they are healthy. When you’re ready to discover why more salons around the world trust New Gorgeous, contact us!

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