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Mobile Spray Tanning Business

Salon owners take note: airbrush tanning can offer you business possibilities that can take you beyond the four walls of your brick and mortar business. Unlike traditional UV tanning beds, which require placement in a physical location, spray tanning can be done both within your salon as well as “on the run.”

Even if you are not a salon owner, starting a mobile tanning business has many advantages. Setup fees are typically quite low. You take your work with you from site to site so you have no overhead. And since you buy the equipment outright, you will never have to deal with rental contracts of any kind.

Either way, you’ll be able to reach markets that might otherwise not come to you. Because you’re mobile, you can meet clients in their homes or at their place of business (for example, during lunch hour). This way, you make your services more accessible and convenient to people who are interested in a spray tan session, but just can’t seem to find the time to get the bronzed look they want.

Airbrush tans are popular anytime of the year. Not only are they the safer alternative to traditional forms of sun (or UV) “worship,” they are also moisture-rich and great for the skin. Winter is an especially good time to get started because many people tire of the pasty look that inevitably develops during this darker, colder season of the year.

In addition to carrying the 100% DHA tanning solutions that people everywhere are raving about, New Gorgeous also has an excellent selection of top-of-the-line mobile tanning equipment. From spray guns to mobile tanning tents to training sessions, we offer everything that industry professionals like you need to get started today in a business you’ll enjoy—and that can bring you big profits.

Call New Gorgeous at 888-536-8267 for free information on how you can quickly and easily start a spray tanning business.

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