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Marketing Spray Tans to Men

Just because a spray is considered cosmetic enhancement, it doesn’t mean that you should limit your marketing efforts to women. More men than you think are as interested as they are willing to invest in sunless tanning sessions to enhance their appearance.

Here are four powerful selling points to help you reach male clients:

  1. Bronzed skin is ultra masculine – and ultra sexy A sunless tan suggests an active outdoor lifestyle and can make men appear fit and strong. Even a small amount of color can leave skin, and male clients, looking fresh and reinvigorated, like they’ve just come from the pool, beach, golf course or mountains.

  2. Added color tones down flaws Most men have scars or other marks somewhere on their bodies. Sunless tans can camouflage surface imperfections and leave behind a sexy, hydrating bronze that feels every bit as fabulous as it looks.

  3. Spray tans sculpt and define Strategic application of color can enhance existing muscle toneand reduce the appearance of areas that are not as firm. Contouring techniques can bring out chest, stomach and thigh muscles and even help give clients a slimmer appearance.

  4. Tanning solutions pump up skin with nutrients Quality solutions have ingredients that moisturize skin and keep it healthy. The New Gorgeous product line uses DHA (which tans the skin) and premium all-natural ingredients. This is especially important for men who suffer from rough, dry or chapped skin.

At New Gorgeous, we design our solutions to go on silky smooth and leave no fragrance, with both women and men in mind. All your clients can be assured that they’re doing something to look, and feel, fantastic.

Success means opening up to all possibilities. Let us show you the way to a limitlessly golden future: contact us today!

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