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Choosing an airbrush tanning certification program

People new to airbrush tanning make the incorrect assumption that anyone can load up an airbrush gun and began applying solution right away. But the truth is that airbrush tanning takes practice—preferably under the watchful eye of an experienced technician—and the mastery of specific techniques.

The explosive growth of the sunless tanning industry has given rise to many companies that claim they offer specialized in-person training and certification. In order to ensure you get the best possible airbrush training, you need to consider several questions when you research these sunless tanning firms:

  • How long have company trainers been airbrush technicians?

  • Have trainers provided this service to paying clients, and if so, how have they been reviewed?

  • How do trainers from various companies compare in terms of what they offer?

You also need to look closely at what each company’s program covers. The best programs will not only prepare you to spray clients and help you understand how spray tanning works. They will also teach you the proper way to educate customers on how to prepare and care for their sunless tans.

Training can take place in a classroom setting at the company’s headquarters or even via video conference (Skype). The advantage of this is that you and/or your technicians can practice with the equipment you have and also put to use what you’ve learned right away.

Some companies offer training that only makes use of videos and manuals. It’s important to bear in mind that learning tools such as these are useful, but only to a limited extent. A live trainer who can tailor training sessions according to your needs and critique you/your technicians, so that you don’t develop costly bad habits, is invaluable.

Learning the art of airbrush tanning is crucial to your professional success. While the price tag for good training can seem expensive, it’s important to remember that your clients are looking for the perfect airbrush tan. If your application skills are subpar, you will lose sales. But if they’re good, word will get around quickly and clients will find their way to you.

The experts at New Gorgeous have been in the business of sunless tanning for over 18 years. We offer high quality tanning products and and equipment along with training programs to suit a variety of different budgets and needs. Our training can even be done via Skype or video conference. Whether you’re a single person just starting off in the industry or a salon owner looking to expand operations, we have a training plan that will help you invest in your profit-making potential. Your success is ours: contact us today for more information.

Call New Gorgeous at 888-536-8267 for free information about our training programs to help you become a success!

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