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Why you should consider spray tanning training and certification by NG SUNLESS

If you’re serious about making it as a spray tan professional, you need to get the proper training and certification. This is true no matter whether you are new to the field or already have some knowledge about it.

When you enroll in top-flight courses like the ones the NG Training Institute (NGTI) offers, you’ll learn:

1. The right way to do airbrush tans

You may think you know how to do spray tans. But body parts like the feet and hands and muscled areas around the arms, thighs and legs need special attention to turn out just right. The NGTI program will show you everything you need to know to create natural looking tans that make clients look fabulous.

2. The things you need to tell your clients

Having all the right skills is only part of what adds up to success in the spray tan business. You also need to know what to tell your clients about how to prepare their skin before they come in for their session, and how they should care for their tans after the session is over.

3. How to make use of your products/care for your equipment

You can buy the best spray tan products and equipment in the world, but if you don’t know how to make use of them, then you’re wasting your time and money. NGTI educates you in the NG product line and in the art of solution blending, as well as how to care for the tools of your trade.

4. How a spray tan business operates

Crucial to the success of any business is how it’s run. At NGTI, we offer instruction in how to develop pricing structures, master your schedule book, design marketing and ad campaigns and create an online presence.

Your degree of commitment to the airbrush tanning profession is what will set you apart, and help you blow away, your competition. An NGTI certificate shows your clients that you’ve gone the extra mile for them and establishes trust with new clients looking for quality service.

The experts at New Gorgeous can help you determine which of our education plans, from our Basic Training and Certification to our Platinum Business Training Package, works for you. Let us show you the way to a more golden future: contact us today!

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