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What to wear after a spray tan?

Spray tans make everyone look fabulous. But many people aren’t aware that they can make themselves look even better by wearing clothing and makeup in colors that enhance their fresh-from-the-beach glow.

Tell your clients to get a color wheel. To make their tan stand out, they should choose colors opposite to whatever color they’ve had applied to their skin. So for example, clients can enhance a deep bronze tan with turquoise clothing because turquoise is one of the colors on the other side of bronze on the color wheel.

If they want to go for a softer look, clothes in light neutral colors – such as beige, pale silver, light yellow or cream – soften spray tanned skin tones. Light, diaphanous fabrics worn over spray tanned skin like cheesecloth, chiffon or muslin can show off a new tan in soft, sexy ways.

When it comes to makeup, bright colors will accentuate a tan. Deep red or hot pink lipsticks can add a dash of summer spice to a bronzed look. Those in plum, orange, coral, or tomato should be avoided because they tend to clash with tans of any hue.

Lipstick colors that suggest a more natural look include clear soft pinks, shiny gold or even beige-bronze. Sheer formulas such as lip-gloss look especially good.

If clients want to add cheek color, good choices include pale gold or soft pink. Both help define cheeks without adding more heat that distracts from the total look. For eyes, colors on the other side of the color wheel will add boldness, whereas cooler neutrals will add subtlety that will never overpower.

At NG, we believe that looking good is an art. That’s why we create our products from the best, most natural ingredients available and test everything in our Austin salons. For consistently golden results, start with New Gorgeous!

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