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Troubleshooting Spray Tanning Gun Problems

If your air spray machine stops generating the solution stream you need to tan your clients, chances are you have a problem with either your air gun or compressor. But how do you tell what the problem might be?

Following is a step-by-step guide to help you figure out what’s going on with your machine.

STEP 1 – Examine the gun trigger and verify solution levels

Is the spray tan coming out spotty or stunted? Then look at the trigger. You should keep it only halfway, as opposed to completely, depressed. Also be sure to check that you have enough solution in the gun.

STEP 2 – Check the air pressure

Is the compressor pushing a sufficient amount of air into the gun? If the gauge reads less than 20%, turn on the main nozzle to increase airflow.

STEP 3 – Clean the air gun tip

Unscrew the air cap and pull out the air gun tip from the body. Brush a paper towel over the edge of the tip and examine. If the tip appears damaged, replace it and screw the air cap back on tightly.

STEP 4 – Look over the compressor

If the machine is still not functioning, check the air compressor. Make sure that the hose is tightly secured on both the compressor and gun and that the machine is plugged in properly. Then turn the nozzle on the compressor to its highest setting. Should the problem persist, you’ll likely need to get the compressor serviced.

At NG, we not only offer a wide selection of world famous spray tan solutions and skin care products, we also sell only the best, most trusted brands of spray tan machines, like those in the popular Maximist series, on the market.

You and your clients deserve the best. When you’re ready to take your business to golden levels of success, contact us!

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