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Tan Lines

The first step is to evaluate how severe the tan lines are and make sure you have the proper airbrush tanning equipment to do this. We suggest our Maximist Evolution Pro system which is an HVLP airbrush machine.

With the darker types – farmer tans and tan lines from your shorts, these are fairly easy to take care of. You just go over them again and again until they are blended.

The more difficult lines are the fainter halter top and swimsuit tan lines. This is where equipment counts. You take your HVLP gun and twist the front to the ten o’clock position so it will do a circular method. This is a quarter of a turn to the right, looking at the gun face on. You then have to turn down your solution intake so that the amount of solution coming out is less.

Now you can go back and forth over the area until the lines are blended.

A very important point to remember is that you need to recommend to your client to keep their underclothes off after the spray tan. Putting these back on too soon afterwards would cause new tan lines to be made. Not a good thing.

Of course, we recommend that the best products to use are those we provide. New Gorgeous airbrush tanning machines and spray tanning solutions are tops. Our solutions are paraben-free and are cruelty-free as certified by PETA. Our machines are tried and true. We also provide the best in spray tanning certification.

You can’t lose using New Gorgeous products.

Call New Gorgeous at 888-536-8267 for free information about how to use sunless tanning products for your success!

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