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Alcohol free lotion

At New Gorgeous we want your clients to look beautiful with their new spray tan for as long as possible and tan extender products do that!

That’s why we created our all-natural, alcohol free tan extender with bronzer and without bronzer. These moisturizing products will slow down the fading process of a spray tan by preventing exfoliation between tanning sessions. Our bronzer version also has DHA which reacts with the skin to naturally give it a subtle glow and keep the tan looking fresh. We put just the right amount of DHA in to give your clients the best and most beautiful results.

Another important point about our tan extenders is that they are alcohol free. Alcohol dries out the skin which causes dead skin to flake off. This in turn causes patches of faded skin to make your tanning efforts to look uneven which is something you don’t want.

A further great thing is that our tan extenders are anti-aging products. They contain anti-aging peptides to help eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite by repairing damaged collagen. Other anti-aging products on the market are generally too harsh to be used with spray tans because they cause the skin to dry-out and exfoliate. Our products, however, will enhance the appearance and feel of your client’s skin by making it feel firmer and look healthier and glowing!

The result is that our tan extenders ultimately help to protect your client’s skin. So, not only will their skin look beautiful and tanned for longer but it will also be in better shape because of our natural, vegan ingredients. And that is what counts. So order some of our tan extender products today!

Call New Gorgeous today at 888-536-8267 for information about our anti-aging, alcohol-free tan extenders.

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