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Spray tanning while pregnant

Even pregnant clients can enjoy the benefits of a spray tan. It’s far safer than a UV tan, especially the kind a tanning bed provides. The intense heat can elevate body temperatures to levels that can harm a developing fetus.

An airbrush tan works only on the first layer of skin. The active ingredient in tanning solution is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a three-carbon sugar that causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids in that surface epidermal layer.

When a pregnant client comes to you, ask how far along she is and that she also clear a salon visit with her doctor. That’s because some healthcare providers encourage moms-to-be to wait until after the first trimester to get a spray tan.

Assuming the client is OK to spray, you should then check to see how skin will respond to tanning solution, since pregnancy can make it much more sensitive. You can do this by testing a small patch of skin prior to tanning the entire body.

During the tanning session itself, a client should be prepared to wear a nose clip or other device to avoid breathing in the fumes. She should also wear a thong to protect delicate tissues from exposure to tanning solution. The session itself should be conducted in a well-ventilated area.

An airbrush tan can help a pregnant client look and feel beautiful during a time of often intense physical and emotional changes. But it also has other benefits, too.

Good tanning solutions, of the kind New Gorgeous makes, for example, contain nutrients that can help an expectant mother’s skin remain elastic as the body stretches. And because spray tan maintenance requires daily moisturizing, skin gets an added boost.

Better still, our solutions are vegan-certified. This means that they are made from only the finest pharmaceutical-grade natural ingredients, which makes them ideal for even the most sensitive skins. So pregnant clients can rest assured they’re getting the best and healthiest spray tan around.

New Gorgeous has been in the spray tan business for twenty years and knows airbrush tanning like no one else. For quality more salons around the world trust, contact us today!

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