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Spray tanning while getting laser hair removal.

Some clients who come to you for spray tanning may have other plans for personal care. One of the most popular is laser hair removal. While it’s fine for them to get the procedure done before a session with you, it’s not OK to get it done afterwards because the results could be disastrous.

Here are two major reasons why lasering tanned skin is a bad idea:

Dark skin “distracts” laser light from target

Most hair removing lasers work on the principal that hair is darker than skin. Darker pigments absorb most of the laser’s energy and the hair follicles absorbing this energy causes hair to stop growing. Dark or tanned skin may absorb so much laser energy that there may not be enough left to treat the real target: dark hair follicles. Any hair removal that takes place will likely be incomplete.

Tanned skin may burn/become discolored

Because dark skin absorbs more laser energy, it may become burned, blistered, or discolored. For this reason, many doctors recommend that patients avoid tanning for at least four weeks before and then throughout the lasering process.

Once laser treatment is complete, however, spray tanning is fine. Skin will be smooth, sexy and ready to show off a beach-bronzed look to perfection.

New Gorgeous doesn’t just sell great sunless tanning products. We offer all the tips and training you need to make those products work in the most optimal way possible for you and your clients. Let us show you the secrets that ensure spray tan success: contact us today!


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