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No matter whether you own a tanning salon or a mobile spray tan business, it’s crucial that you maintain an online presence through a website. According to some marketing research studies, as many as 27% of the world’s consumers shop via the Internet. And in the United States, that figure doubles to 55% during the holidays.

You can design and create your own website or hire professionals to do it for you. Before you begin, though, you need to have a basic understanding of what the site should accomplish. Here are some points to remember as you build your perfect airbrush tanning Internet hub.

1. Choose your design carefully The style of website should reflect the message that it’s trying to convey. Try to keep it simple and straightforward, like this website: But don’t overlook tools that can help add extra appeal to your website by enabling you to add streamed video or audio players and interactive multimedia content.

2. Ensure browser compatibility The content and graphics on your website could be fantastic, but if the page is not compatible with most of the four main web browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Safari – the website will not be successful. Your website should provide instructions for which browser visitors should use to access all its features. It is also the modern trend to make your website “responsive.” This means that your website will automatically change its display appropriately for different sizes of devices and their screens from smart phones to tablets to laptops to desktop monitors.

3. Maximize your online exposure through SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that helps make websites more visible online. Part of that strategy includes using heavily-searched keywords and phrases associated with your business in the content you include on your website. This will make the website itself more relevant to search engines and increase visitor traffic.

4. Create a maintenance plan After the website is designed, you’ll need to set goals that you want that site to achieve. Some basic questions to ask are:

  • who will maintain my site and how frequently?

  • what percentage of my total sales should come from visitor traffic?

  • how will I measure success?

At New Gorgeous, we are 100% dedicated to your business success. We offer some of the finest tanning solutions available along with airbrush tanning training/certification classes for all levels from beginning to advanced. And our experts our always available to give you all the advice and support you need to stand out from the competition. When only the best will do, contact us!

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