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Spray tanning tips for brides

It’s the height of summer and also of wedding season. That means that clients may come to you specifically looking for a bride spray tan. They’ll want to look as good as they can from head to toe.

So what tips can you offer them to ensure a flawless, golden glow for the most important day of their lives?

1. Exfoliate

Tell your clients that a beautiful, wedding-day tan begins with exfoliation. If possible, they should begin a few weeks ahead of the actual date and exfoliate at least twice a week. New Gorgeous Sea Salt Scrub can help the process along in a healthy way.

2. Wax and shave before, not after

The best time to wax and/or shave is one day before a spray-tan appointment. Otherwise, a client will risk damaging the uniformity of the tan.

3. Skip the bar soap, deodorant, body oils, gels, perfume and make-up

Washing with bar soap is a bad idea because soapy residue can interfere with spray tan results. And on the day of the appointment, it’s also unwise to use perfume, make-up, lotion or any other emollient. Skin should be clean and dry.

4. Book a trial appointment and choose an experienced technician

Spray tans come in a variety of different shades. If clients can see ahead of time what color looks best, that can help ease anxieties about appearance. Going to a spray tan professional with a proven track record of success and/or spray tan certification is also a good idea.

At New Gorgeous, we take pride in offering advice to salon owners like you based on two decades of experience in the industry. Our products are the top choice of models and celebrities around the world. And they’re made with only the finest, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. If your clients don’t look good, neither do we. So when you’re ready to offer the best, contact us!

Call New Gorgeous today at 888-536-8267 for information about starting a profitable spray tanning business.

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