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Spray tanning staining clothes?

You warn your clients to wear dark, loose pants, shirts or dresses after a spray tan. But they don’t. Their clothes get stained and then they call back to complain. What should you say?

The first thing to let them know is that they can remove spray tan stains from most fabrics. Here are some tips you can offer them for different kinds of material:

Cotton Spray tan stains come out in the wash for most cotton fabrics. That’s because the DHA in most sunless tanning solutions won’t interact with cotton and cause a permanent stain. Tell your client to use a non-bleach spot remover, regular detergent and cold water.

Synthetics For spray tan stains in such fabrics as polyester and spandex, tell your client to soak the garment in warm water with some added spot remover, then rinse. If the spray tan stain has not faded, the client can try using a stronger cleaning agent such as 409 spray.

Non-launderable Fabrics The client should let the item soak in warm water with some non-bleach spot remover and then gently rinse, again in warm water. If the stain is getting fainter, then the same procedure should be repeated until the stain disappears. If that doesn’t work, then the garment should go to the dry cleaners.

If you use New Gorgeous tanning solutions to spray tan your clients, you can tell them that the ingredients will likely not damage the clothes that have been stained. Our products are all natural and extremely gentle on skin and – should staining occur – clothes.

When you use the best products, you should expect the results that, even when unwanted (as stains usually are), you and your clients can easily deal with. For tanning solutions that more salons around the world trust, contact us today!


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