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Spray Tanning for the Stars

Spring has only just begun. But preparations for the summer fashion season are in full swing. In fact – and according to a recent article in Celebrity Style – you’re never fully dressed for sun and fun until you’ve gotten that perfect New Gorgeous tan!

The website touts New Gorgeous Brazilian Mist as the golden “little secret the ‘Angels’ know.”

CSG also points out that our sunless tanning solutions – which come in six shades and can accommodate every skin type from the very fairest to the very darkest – are as safe as they are natural. In fact, not only are they PETA and vegan-certified, they also use pharmaceutical grade ingredients and DHA.

Our tanning solutions go on easily, dry quickly and leave a light, fresh scent that never overpowers. That means that your clients can get the look of “Angels” in a matter of minutes rather and save their skin from the UV radiation that comes from the sun or tanning bed lights.

New Gorgeous also offers products – such as our Sea Salt Scrub, Anti-Aging Moisture Lock and Brazilian Mist – that can help achieve that heavenly radiance and maintain it for up to two weeks. What more could any sunless tanning enthusiast want?

Whether you’re a salon or mobile tanning service owner, we have the solutions you need and that style savvy clients demand. Let us show you the secrets to a business that shines like the stars that swear by our products – contact us today!

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