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Spray tanning for a vacation

After the gray, cold days of winter, many people, and especially college students, are looking forward to time in the sun. So you’re more likely to see more individuals come to you for pre-vacation bronzing.

Here are some tips you can offer your beach or pool-bound clients to help them rock those shorts, tank tops and bikinis in golden style:


New clients should schedule a trial spray tan to determine color choice and depth two weeks before the trip. For maximum impact and freshness, the actual spray tan itself should go on 24 to 36 hours prior to departure.

Advise your female clients to schedule manicures, pedicures and waxing treatments before making their spray tan appointment. These procedures tend to use products that might exfoliate and/or otherwise break down a spray tan.


Many people like to wear different swimsuits on vacation. To avoid “tan line syndrome,” recommend that your clients wear a thong during their spray tan session. That way, they’ll be able to keep skin color contrasts to a minimum.


Spray tans do not automatically protect skin from UV radiation. So clients will need to use sunscreen that has no less than 30 SPF and that is oil-free, since oil will strip a spray tan from the skin.

Salt water and chlorine dry the skin and cause a spray tan to fade more quickly. If a client plans on spending full days in the sun by the ocean or pool, then they should minimize contact with water for at least the first few days, going in for quick dips only. At night, they can enhance their tans with NG’s Tan Extender or Brazilian Mist.

Spring is time of renewal and rejuvenation. Our line of all-natural, vegan-certified spray tan solutions can help your clients prepare for the skin-baring days ahead. When only the best products will do for your clients, contact us!

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