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Spray Tanning Certification

If you are interested in opening a salon or becoming a sunless tanning professional, you need real-life spray tan training to learn the techniques. Spray tan certification is awarded after the one-on-one training where you learn about spray tan products and mastering the art of preparation and application. Here are the details about sunless tanning certification.

  • Becoming an expert in the art of preparation and procedure: Knowing how to prepare a client for a sunless tan is almost as important as the application itself. During the spray tan certification process, you’ll learn how to prep a client to deliver an even, well-executed tan.

  • Studying the manual and getting application tips: The training manual you’ll get during the certification process highlights all the key points in spray tan application. You’ll learn how to contour the abdomen, how to deliver a full-body application and tips on proper spray tan maintenance to pass on to clients.

  • Knowing about the different products: To get your sunless tanning certification, you need to understand the different products and their proper uses. A good way to approach it is to find products you like and see if the company offers spray tan certification.

  • One-on-one demonstrations: As with any salon procedure, you need the advice and guidance of a spray tan professional to learn how to execute the procedure correctly. Training programs always include one-on-one tutorials lasting over an hour, during which you learn from mistakes and figure out how to avoid blunders as you hone your craft in sunless tanning.

  • Receiving the diploma: Once you go through the training program and know what you are doing, you are ready to receive your diploma. Full-body spray tanning is difficult for many at first, but with the right approach and willingness to learn, you will receive your diploma and be prepared to start working in no time!

Getting certified in spray tanning takes some work; use the New Gorgeous Sunless method for the best results.

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