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Spray tanning all skin types

A spray tan is a wonderful fashion accessory. It makes people look healthy and beautiful while enhancing, and even expanding, the kind of colors they can wear.

Understanding the basics of skin tone/wardrobe color coordination is key. Following are some tips to help you help your clients show off their just-from-the-beach glow to maximum effect.

1. Fair-skinned clients

People with light skin do best with a gently sun-kissed look. Colors that look especially good on them are off-white, light blue, and bold blue. Pastels are also a wonderful choice. Bright or strong colors such as purple, red, orange and yellow will contrast too severely, so fair-skinned clients should avoid them.

2. Medium-skinned clients

These individuals have the greatest color leeway. Black, pink, burgundy, royal blue and navy harmonize best with the warm bronzed look they can wear. Pistachio green, mauve, red and dark brown detracts from it. Olive-skinned people fall into the medium-skinned category: they should avoid brown or olive green because those colors will “die” on them.

3. Dark-skinned clients

The deep tans these clients can wear looks fantastic with white, pink, gray, gray, baby blue and khaki. Because dark-skinned clients also tend to have dark hair and eyes, colors that contrast with dark features and brighten the look are also excellent choices. They should minimize dark shades such as black, brown and navy blue and completely avoid magenta, turquoise and mint green.

The secret to beauty lies in making the right choices. New Gorgeous offers all-natural tanning products that bring out the best in every skin type. For solutions more salons around the world trust, contact us today!

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