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Spray tanning African American Clients

Even the very darkest skin tone can be enhanced by a professional spray tan. In fact, female African American celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union routinely visit spray tan salons to add a bronze boost to their dark good looks.

In the past, African American women were actually encouraged to stay out of the sun for

fear of becoming “too black.” They may have even used skin bleach instead to achieve a lighter-skinned look that was celebrated as the “ideal.”

When they weren’t socially pressured to use such techniques to “enhance” their skin, black women may have turned to makeup to even out skin tones. But that makeup gave them an orange undertone and stained their clothes.

Now African American women are embracing their natural darker skin tones and seeking ways to celebrate them. has noted the trend and encouraged black women to seek spray tanning because the result “can make muscles look more defined and help even varying body tones.”

NG makes sunless tanning solutions that can make your African American clients look fabulous. Two in particular, Brazilian Blend and Expresso Ultra Dark, can work especially well, either alone or mixed together for just the right shade of bronze.

What’s more – and like every other skin product we sell – our tanning solutions are 100% natural. They’re also PETA and vegan-certified. So you can always be guaranteed that you’re using only the healthiest products available. Your clients deserve the best, so contact us today!

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