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Spray tanning abs

Spray tan technicians don’t just simply providing a service. The very best among them are “bronzing artists” who understand that making a client look good is about more than coating a body with spray tan solution.But what exactly is the difference between a spray tan tech and a bronzing artist? On the one hand, a tech will understand the basics of spray tan application. On the other, a bronzing artist will know exactly how to contour hard-won muscles in the chest and abdomen and disguise those places, e.g., the thighs, that still need work.Body contouring is therefore more involved than simple spray tanning. Since it necessitates the use of different shades of color, the professional doing it needs to not only know which shades work together to create a given effect, but also which ones would be best for a particular client’s skin tone.It also takes knowing how to highlight various muscle groups on the body. What this means in practice is how to emphasize areas that will stand out and shadow those areas that need to recede. In this way, body contouring is very much like the art of three-dimensional sketching, which requires similar knowledge.All these skills need spray tan solution savvy as well as experienced hands and eyes. One of the best ways to get all of this is to work with master spray tan professionals who know precisely what to do to achieve the best results every time.The New Gorgeous Spray Tanning Institute (NGTI) offers a variety of training seminars for those interested in taking their work to the next level. For individuals working on their own, we offer spray tan certification that includes invaluable tips on basic body contouring. For established professionals with their own salons, we offer more in-depth training that also covers important aspects of running a spray tan business.So whether you need the kind of spray tan solutions and skin care products that more salons around the world trust or expert instruction in the art of spray tanning itself, New Gorgeous has you covered. Let us show you the path to a more golden future: contact us today!

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