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Spray tan room

Creating an attractive atmosphere in your salon is key to attracting clients. By reminding people of the ocean, summertime and/or a tropical island, you’ll put tanners in just the right mood – and help boost sales of both your services and products.

1. Paint it bright and breezy

Paint the walls of your salon in colors that remind clients of the beach. Try light blue or turquoise to suggest the ocean or light yellow to suggest a sunny day.

2. Thematize your wall art

Select images that focus on seaside fun. These might include pictures of beautiful beaches, bronzed women and men swimming in the surf or models sunning on rocks or sand. Make sure to hang these images at eye-level.

3. Make waiting worthwhile

Arrange a waiting area with comfortable chairs and sofas that people can sink into and small tables with magazines that emphasize beauty, health and travel. Equip your salon with an audio system and play music that reminds clients of good times in the sun.

4. Accessorize with natural decorations

Decorate tables and shelving units with beach ornaments like starfish, shells, driftwood and smooth stones. A few small tropical potted plants and/or a fish tank filled with tropical fish add color and atmosphere.

New Gorgeous has been in the airbrush tanning business for 20 years so we understand what clients need and want from their spray tan salons. That’s why we can offer expert business advice as well as the tanning products and equipment that can put you on the path to spray tan success. When you’re ready to experience the very best, contact us!

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