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Spray tan odor

New Gorgeous spray tan solutions create spray tans that are a delight for all senses. Not only do they make skin look fantastic and feel deliciously soft to the touch, they dry odorless, so they’re also easy on one sense that some solutions tend to ignore: smell.

This makes our solutions perfect to use for everyone, and especially those clients who may come to you complaining of how other spray tans left lingering and/or unpleasant smells on their skin.

You can tell people who have had this kind of experience to do one of two things: If the smell is intolerable, they can remove the tan and start fresh with an NG bronze. Or, if they want to salvage the tan until their next session with you, they can lessen the smell by masking it.

The best way to do this is to find a strong, yet tolerable, smelling bath or shower gel. Since scent is a very personal preference, clients will need to determine for themselves what works and what doesn’t.

Once they have determined this, they should wash with that gel (or gels). Suggest they use a nylon mesh ball to produce more cleansing suds over wider areas of skin and that they apply the gel or gels more than once.

After their shower or bath, individuals may wish to moisturize with scented cream. This may also help lessen odors or cover what the gel cannot.

Like a spray tan, spray tan odor fades over time. So if these methods only provide some relief, they can take heart knowing that the odor will dissipate in a few days.

New Gorgeous believes that beauty should be a total sensual experience. Perhaps even more importantly, it should also be a healthy one. This is why all our products, which are vegan and PETA-certified, are made from only the finest natural ingredients.

Discover the secret to creating personal allure that has become the cornerstone of success at top salons around the world. Contact us today!

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