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Spray tan fading

The lifespan of the typical spray tan is 7 to 10 days, depending on the rate a client’s skin exfoliates. With good care, this can be extended to as long as two weeks. But sometimes, spray tan fade can occur much more quickly.

Here are some of the most common causes of premature fading:

1. Lathering up with high pH soaps

As a rule, clients should avoid showering with bar soaps before and after a spray tan because the high alkalinity can strip off a spray tan quickly. Suggest that they use a soap-free body wash, which is more likely to be pH balanced and won’t dry skin the way soap can.

2. Using exfoliants of any kind

Facial gels and lotions that contain acids like AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids), BHA (beta hydroxy acids) or Retin-A (tretinoin) will cause a spray tan to fade faster because they are designed to exfoliate the skin. Hair removal products can also cause more rapid shedding of skin. In some cases, they can even cause unsightly streaking. The best advice is to stop using these products after getting a spray tan.

3. Wearing tight clothes

Clothing that rubs or chafes against the skin on a regular basis can increase skin exfoliation. This sometimes happens under bra lines and around waistbands. Wearing properly fitting clothes and moisturizing spray tan-treated skin frequently can help.

4. Swimming

If clients plan on spending time in chlorinated pools or saltwater, they risk fading their tans too soon. They can help minimize the harsh effects of pool or ocean water by using a waterproof moisturizer and/or sunscreen before they go for a dip.

Spray tan clients can also help keep their bronzed look by using NG’s Moisture Lock moisturizer and Tan Extender lotion with or without bronzers. For color touch-ups on both the face and body, they can use our Brazilian Mist spray.

New Gorgeous is in the business of making people look good. Our vegan-certified products undergo rigorous testing in our labs and are gentle enough that anyone – from the very fairest to the very darkest-skinned – can use them with complete confidence. When only the best will do for your clients, contact us!

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