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Spray tan certification

At New Gorgeous we are here to help you get your spray tanning business up and running successfully with the best products and the best variety of spray tanning certification training courses out there!

With our various packages, you and your associates will learn all about the spray tanning business from how to conduct a spray tanning session to everything you need to know about spray tanning products including our all-natural, alcohol-free moisturizers, with and without bronzer.

Here are some of the things you will learn about the art of spray tanning:

  • Spray tanning on the hands and feet;

  • Enhancing muscle definition;

  • Avoiding common beginner spray tanning errors;

  • Fixing mistakes the customer already has from amateur salons;

  • Making a spray tan or airbrush tan last longer;

  • What products the customer needs to avoid following a spray tan; and

  • Teaching clients to prepare for the airbrush tan.

Most importantly, we will show you:

  • The art of creating custom blends with our New Gorgeous spray tanning solutions; and

  • How to select the right blend to use with your client’s complexion.

You will also learn about ways you can recruit new clients and conduct your business marketing by:

  • Teaching you how to create your web presence;

  • Teaching you about creating a workable price structure;

  • Teaching you how to promote auto bill memberships; and

  • Showing you the art of a creating a powerful ad.

And when you are done, you will receive your framed training certificate from the New Gorgeous Training Institute.

So let our experts help you get your spray tanning business off the ground or to a higher level of business. Call New Gorgeous today and get your sunless tanning business booming with our great products, equipment and spray tanning training.

Call New Gorgeous today at 888-536-8267 for information about our spray tanning certification programs.

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