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Spray tan business

Are you a salon owner who wants to learn about both the spray tan business and about how to do spray tans the right way? Or are you someone who’s always dreamed about owning a small mobile tanning business but doesn’t know quite where to begin? Then signing up for a NG Training Institute (NGTI) business package could be just the ticket for you.

We offer three basic packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each comes with personalized spray tanning instruction and in-depth informational sessions we tailor to your specific needs and goals on everything you need to know to grow a successful tanning business. All packages also come with starter solution and a professional grade spray-tan machine and a framed NGTI certificate of achievement.


This is usually best for someone interested in added services to an existing salon business or who wants to start a mobile business and includes a two-hour session with a master NGTI technician. You’ll learn how to:

  • do a full-body airbrush tan

  • have your clients prepare and care for a spray tan

  • avoid common mistakes and fix ones made by other technicians

  • create custom tanning solution blends

  • determine the right spray tan shade for your clients

  • develop traditional and Web-based business marketing strategies

  • develop a pricing strategy that works

In addition you’ll get three gallons of tanning solution, a MaxiMist Pro spray tanning unit and 20% off your first order. And if you want to have another person get trained along with you, you can do that, too, for just an extra $65.


This is our most popular package. It offers everything that Silver package does, and so much more. You’ll get three hours of instruction for up to three participants at no extra charge and also learn how to:

  • develop powerful ads that attract new clients

  • create auto-bill memberships that keep clients coming back

Better still, you’ll get five gallons of airbrush tanning solution as well as a suite of other New Gorgeous products, including Anti-Aging Tan Extenders, Anti-Aging Tan Extender with Bronzers, Sea Salt Scrub and Mini Shower.


This is our top-of-the-line training package. You’ll receive everything that’s in the Gold package plus five hours with an NGTI master tech and well over $12,000 of NG solution and products. They’ll not only help you begin your work as a spray tan professional but also help you earn back your investment. You’ll also get:

  • an airbrush tanning model

  • training on how to create a five-page website with basic SEO

  • tips on how to master your schedule book and set appointments effectively

  • detailed information about all of our products

  • instruction on how to use NG spray tanning equipment

  • valuable insight into the art of selling spray tanning products

At New Gorgeous, we pride ourselves being able to provide healthy, vegan and PETA-certified products as well as the knowledge and expertise you need to start a business that’s as profitable as it is rewarding. Contact us when you’re ready to begin your golden journey to success!

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