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PH Balancing Prep Spray

You can tell your clients to exfoliate before their spray tan sessions. But the truth is they won’t always do it (or do it the way you’ve instructed them to). And if they don’t, their spray tans may not turn out the way they – and you – might have wanted.

The best thing you can do to ensure that client skin is at its cleanest is to prep it yourself with our New Gorgeous pH Balancing Spray. It’s formulated to remove all types of DHA-blocking residue from the skin, including moisturizers, deodorant, perfume, makeup, body oils and dead skin cells.

Our pre-spray also helps guarantee a more golden tan for your clients, especially those who are fair. Skin that has too high a pH will have a higher chance of giving spray tan solutions sprayed on them an orange cast. On the other hand, skin that is has a more balanced pH level will be much more likely to develop into the desired shade of bronze.

Because a pH balancing spray prepares skin so thoroughly, the results look better, longer. That’s because a pre-prepped airbrush tan tends to fade more slowly and evenly than one that isn’t. So clients feel like they get more for their money.

Preparing client skin yourself benefits you in that it shows your commitment to giving clients a beach-beautiful glow they can count on. And the happier your clients are with your services, the greater the chance they will return and/or send in referrals.

At NG, we know that it takes more than great tanning solutions to create the look that clients want. That’s why, in addition to our pH Balancing Spray, we also have a line of popular products – such as our exfoliating Sea Salt Scrub, Anti-Aging Moisture Lock moisturizer and Brazilian Mist tan extender – that help you help your clients with pre- and post-spray tan care. For success that’s golden, contact us today!

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