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Owning your own spray tan salon

Media attention on the dangerous effects of UV radiation has caused a surge in consumer desire for healthy lifestyle options. You can capitalize on this trend by opening your own spray tan salon and selling services that let people look tan and beautiful, without the risk of damaging their skin.

It’s important to visualize your business. Step zero is creating a budge to determine how much it will cost to get the basic components, such as a computer system, office equipment and furnishings and personnel, together for your salon.

1. Rent a salon space

Scout out a location for your salon. Key to your success is finding a location that fits your needs/budget and that’s in an area most likely to contain people who will use your services.

2. Get all required permits

Call your city or county building department and inquire about any special permits you need to run your spray tan salon. If you need to create smaller rooms within your salon, you’ll probably need a permit before you can start construction.

3. Stock up

Order your tanning products and solutions. Consider stocking any inventory you want to sell, such as aftercare lotions and bronzers.

4. Create a marketing strategy

Put together tanning packages and incentives, like giving away a bottle of lotion for every five spray tans a customer buys. Don’t forget to have a menu with prices ready for customers when you start marketing.

5. Make your presence known

Create a web page, send out fliers, and hold a preview day or grand opening celebration. You might even consider inviting a reporter from a local newspaper to try out your services and write a review.

A successful business starts with a good plan and high-quality products. At New Gorgeous, we make all-natural tanning solutions that more salons around the world trust. We also offer training to help you transform your dreams of salon ownership into a profitable reality. For a more golden future, contact us today!

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