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New Gorgeous Airbrush Tanning Equipment

You already know us for our world-famous tanning solutions. But did you know that New Gorgeous also carries spray tan equipment?

Like our other products, the machines we sell are designed to achieve optimum results. However, the more expensive the machine, the more you get in three main areas:

  • the output they are capable of producing;

  • hose length; and

  • the quality of applicator – standard or professional – they use.

Also above a certain level, machines become quieter as the main advantage.

Some of our lower-level professional units have parts that you can upgrade as your needs change. All of them are high-velocity, low pressure (HVLP), and come with warranties that vary according to the type of machine.

Seven of the units we carry are designed for professionals working in salons or on the go:

MaxiMist Light This basic system is good for home, light salon or mobile tanning use. It produces one spray tan per hour and up to 10 in one day.

Evolution Helia The Helia is our entry-level professional system that, like the MaxiMist Light, comes with a standard applicator made mostly of plastic. The sturdy compressor gives it a working capacity of 50-100 tans per day.

MaxiMist Gemstone What makes this professional system unique is its stylishness. It comes five different colors, including pale and hot pink, purple, red and silver.

Evolution Pro This system is our workhorse and comes highly recommended. It has all a professional needs including a professional-grade metal applicator that allows technicians to do contouring and fading at the touch of a button.

Mini Mist The Mini Mist has all stainless steel parts that disperse tanning solution into a precision-controlled spray fan.

Mobile Mist Pro This top-quality machine provides variable speeds for contouring and shading and comes with wheels for maximum mobility.

Three of our machines are suitable for in-salon use:

MaxiMist Q’ube The MaxiMist Q’ube is 24 pounds of power that’s surprisingly quiet. It comes complete with a spare parts pack and a long hose for maximum reach

Whisper Mist The Whisper Mist is our top-of-the-line salon machine. It provides the highest quality spray tans and does it so quietly that you’ll never know it’s there.

Regardless of whether you are a mobile technician or salon owner, we have the right machines at right prices. So if you’re in the market for quality spray tan equipment, contact us. We’re your one-stop sunless tanning experts!

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