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MiniMist Spray Tanning Gun Repair

One of our most popular spray tan machines is the Mini-Mist. With its stainless steel parts that atomize tanning solutions into a precision-controlled fan, it maximizes spray control like few other machines on the market.

The Mini-Mist is a great investment that produces flawless results. As with any machine, though, malfunctions can occur. One of the most common is when the trigger on the spray gun of a fully operating machine gets pulled back… and no solution comes out.

So how do you troubleshoot that?

Step #1: Check solution cup Examine the spray gun to see that the solution cup is screwed firmly in place. There should be no solution bubbling, or leaking around the cup.

Step #2: Check solution tube and disc If the solution cup checks out OK, then you’ll need to make sure that the solution tube and disc are connected and have not come loose from the gun. To do this, turn the unit off and unscrew the cup. If the tube and disc are in place, look to see that two small holes in the disc around the solution tube are not clogged with dried solution. In the event they are, insert a pin in each hole to make sure the holes are clear.

Step #3: Check solution nozzle To do this, you will need to remove:

  1. the air cap ring first,

  2. the air cap second, and

  3. the air distributor plate last.

Once these are off, take an adjustable wrench and remove the solution nozzle, being careful not to lose the nozzle gasket located on the nozzle itself. Rinse the solution nozzle under running water and check to see that dried solution has not blocked the hole. Reinstall all items starting with the gasket in reverse order.

The Mini-Mist comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty. So if something goes wrong with the gun or the base unit turbine within the first 12 months of use, you will be covered.

Our New Gorgeous tanning solutions are only as good as the machines that use them, which is why we stock only the best. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned salon professional, we have the spray tan machines – and solutions – you need for business success.

Contact us today!

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