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How to Talk to Clients About the Risks of Sunless Tanning

The health risks associated with prolonged exposure to the sun are well-known. Nevertheless, you still may encounter clients who believe that getting a suntan the old-fashioned way rather than through the airbrush method is better because it’s “more natural.”

Spray tanning does have a few minor risks associated with it and you shouldn’t hide this from your clients. But most of them pertain to a very tiny minority of individuals who have specific pre-existing health conditions. They include:

Skin rash

The main ingredient for spray tanning solutions is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). While this all-natural ingredient is usually very well tolerated by the skin, some people who have exceptionally sensitive skin can develop a rash.

Breathing difficulty

People with healthy respiratory systems have no problem with airbrush tanning, especially since airbrush tanning technicians must make sure that clients’ noses, lips and mouths are protected throughout the procedure.

However, if your client has asthma, then he or she may need to consider another form of self-tanning. This condition can make it hard for some individuals to get oxygen during the a brief time that the spray gun is engaged and casting spray tanning solution on the body.

Eye irritation

Some people may experience mild eye irritation during the spray tan process. However, this can be easily eliminated by using tanning goggles.

Our New Gorgeous sunless tanning solutions are healthy.. Not only do we test everything that comes out of our labs, we also offer guidance on how to use our products in the safest ways possible. So when you want the best for your clients, contact us!

Call New Gorgeous at 888-536-8267 for free information about how to use sunless tanning products for your success!

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