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How to Start a Spray Tanning Business

To launch a Spray Tan business is not very complicated, but it will take some specific steps, focus and energy for it to succeed. From sunless tanning certification to choosing the right location to advertisement; like any other business, you can’t go into this venture blind.

  • Certification. By attaining a sunless tanning certification you have taken a step towards success. As a certified professional you are in the position to take your business to the next level securely New Gorgeous offers different packages that can get you ready for professional applications at an affordable price.

  • Perfect the art of applying spray tanning solution. Even though you are certified, it takes a good deal of experience to know how to wield the tools of the salon tanning trade. Ask your friends and family members to be your first customers. What better way to get the practice then with loved ones and their help to grow your business with word of mouth.

  • Choose the right location. Though it is more affordable to operate a spray tan business out of your living room, you need to offer customers a place they can truly enjoy the experience. You can make house calls but a place to call yours to attract all types of customers is the best road to success.

  • Win over new clients via social media. As a new business your marketing strategy is the foundation for growth and exposure. With all the different avenues for online marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Adwords, and SEO, with non-stop exposure, clients are bound to be interested.

If you are an entrepreneur and enjoy helping others look their best, then Spray Tan business is right for you.

For more information please visit or contact us with any questions at 888.536.8267

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