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How to start a mobile spray tanning business

In the last decade, airbrush tanning has become an extremely popular way of achieving that fresh-from-the-beach bronze. You can capitalize on this trend by starting your own mobile airbrush tanning business.

Here are some New Gorgeous tips to help you get started.

Do the research

The startup costs associated with a mobile tanning business are significantly less than those associated with a brick-and-mortar salon. Still, you should expect to spend as much as $10,000 on basics like tanning equipment, supplies, licenses and education. Because you’ll be self-employed, you’ll also be responsible for paying your taxes, accounting, keeping track of your expenses, marketing your business and maintaining your vehicle.

Get training

You’ll need to enroll in an airbrush tanning course, of the kind the New Gorgeous Training Institute (NGTI) offers, to learn the proper spray tanning techniques. You should also school yourself on such issues as skin preparation, allergy concerns and basic spray tan ingredients, all of which you can also learn about at NGTI.

Create your business

Develop a catchy name for your business and register it with your local County Clerk and get a federal tax ID number from the IRS. Then contact your insurance provider to purchase commercial auto insurance and general liability, which covers you in the event you cause any damage (for example, spilling tanning solution on a client’s carpet).

Buy your equipment and supplies

Purchase a sunless tanning machine, taking into consideration such factors as:

  • rate of spray

  • noise

  • machine size and weight

You’ll also need to invest in skincare products for resale, such as tanning lotions, exfoliating creams, bronzers and moisturizers.

Spread the word

Create a business website and a Facebook page: offer your services for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays and girls’ night out-type events. Take out ads in your local newspaper. Make business cards and flyers and distribute them at places like gyms, golf courses and malls.

New Gorgeous is your one-stop shop for all your spray tan needs. Not only do we make all-natural tanning solutions more salons around the world trust, we also sell top-notch spray tan equipment and accessories and offer training in everything from spray tanning to new business management. Contact us today and let us show you the way to a more golden future!

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