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How to spray tan body hair

Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen. One day you’ll run into a client – probably male – with more than the average amount of hair on his chest, forearms and/or legs or a client who is almost entirely covered in body hair. Here are some tips to spray tan body hair.

Don’t panic. It may not seem that way, but you can successfully spray tan people with hairy bodies. In fact, you should treat them just as you would a client with little or no body hair. They just need to make sure they exfoliate properly to ensure they’ll get the best results.

Should a client decide he wants to shave some of his hair, let him know that it’s best to do it 24 hours in advance of the session to avoid potential skin irritation. If he does not, then tell him that any solution that adheres to hair will rinse off during the first shower.

Using quality products like NG’s Caribbean Cocktail or Brazilian Blend will make your job easier. Because our solutions dry almost immediately you spray them, you won’t have to use a mitt to pat dry any solution residue that might remain on especially hairy areas during the process.

If you’re still worried that client hairiness will cause a problem, try adjusting the nozzle on your spray gun so that more air and less solution come out as you’re spraying. You may also find that holding the gun a little further away from the skin, spraying at a slight angle and/or moving the gun slightly faster helps as well.

No matter what skin types you encounter (or how much hair is on that skin), New Gorgeous has the products you’re looking for. Our solutions use only the finest, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients; better still, they’re vegan and PETA-certified. When you want tanning products that more salons around the world trust, contact us!

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