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How to apply better makeup after a spray tan.

After a spray tan, your make-up wearing female clients will need to make some adjustments not only to what they put on their faces but the colors they use as well.

The changes are simple to make. However, they may take some time to get used to, especially if certain application practices are routine. Here are some tips you can offer your clients to help ease them into new ways of doing their makeup so that they can make the most of their gorgeous new tan.

Tip #1: Forgo the foundation

One of the main reasons why people tan is to get a summery glow. Nothing dims that glow more quickly than foundation.

Tip #2: Moisturize regularly

A good moisturizer will help preserve the spray tan longer. New Gorgeous recommends our Anti-Aging Moisture Lock to keep skin soft and smooth.

Tip #3: Use bronzer not blush

Blush is often one-dimensional and comes off looking flat. Using a light bronzer – such as our Brazilian Mist Tanning Spray – will help you maintain a sun-kissed glow.

Tip #4: Think pale for lips and eyes

Lip gloss with a tint of color looks fresh and natural. Dark shades will make a tan face look overdone. And Instead of weighing down eyelids with a heavy shade of eye color like gray or burgundy, choose a pale pink or a warm peach color.

Tip #5: Ditch the black eyeliner.

If your client can’t give up using black eyeliner, suggest they switch to a lighter shade, like a charcoal color or a deep warm brown.

New Gorgeous makes all-natural tanning solutions and skin care products used by fine salons all over the world. But spray tans are only part of the total beauty equation.

Knowledge is also crucial. That’s why we offer education on all aspects of sunless tanning through our website as well as through more formalized training seminars we offer through our New Gorgeous Training Institute (NGTI). For a more golden future, contact us today!

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