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Flawless Skin

You’ve got the skills to make the bronzing magic happen for your clients. But the people you work with need clear instructions on how to prep for a session and on how to care for their golden new look.

That’s why we’ve prepared this second in a two-part series of step-by-step guides to flawless tanning. This week, we talk about the things clients need to know to help them prolong the life of their tans.

STEP 1: Beware of water Clients should wait 8 hours before bathing. This gives the tan the time it needs to set properly into the skin. They should also avoid heavy exercise that will make them sweat and cause potential streaking. Sitting in hot tubs or Swimming in pools or the ocean should be avoided, as doing so will strip a tan to nothing.

STEP 2: Watch those skin-care products Some skin products – such as bar soaps, toners, astringents, anti-aging or anti-acne creams/gels – force the skin cells to turn over quicker which can cause faster fading

Facial scrubs are even worse. They could take the tan right off.

Clients should use New Gorgeous’ Sea Salt Scrub. This product was designed for airbrush tanning specifically with that in mind in has a very fine mineral with a circular form to it and will only remove the dead skin cells that have shed on their own keeping the tan fading evenly and will prevent the crackle and splotchy tan.

STEP 3: Be shaving savvy Clients need to wait at least 12 hours before they shave. And when they do, they should use sharp new razors to avoid accidentally exfoliating the skin. Under no circumstances should they use depilatory creams, which can ruin spray tans.

STEP 4: Moisturize, moisturize It’s a good idea to moisturize at least once and if possible, twice a day. The best time to do this is after a shower when the skin is still damp and just before bed.

They can use DHA-friendly moisturizers: NG makes one with bronzer and one without for quick touch-ups of face, hands and feet. Or get a full sunless glow with NG’s Brazilian Mist.

Knowledge is key to success. The why the experts at New Gorgeous make it a top priority to empower tanning professionals like you with the information you need to make your business stand out. From trusted advice to high-quality products and equipment, we’ve got it all, so contact us today!

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